Orders are not normally emailed unless you have special requests.  Please log back in and download your photos after purchase.




An account is not required just to browse the site.  
Before purchasing photos, you will be required to set up an account and verify your email to confirm the email address is current and valid. The account setup option can be found under the 'Account' link in the main heading. If you do not receive a confirmation/verification email, please check that it has not gone into a spam/junk folder in your email client/program or on your server.  Verification emails work as dual purpose client/website protection against fraudulent transactions..    
You will need to be logged in to your account before you can order photos.  If you have any problems with your account setup, please email us at [email protected] and we will assist where we can.  If the problem is with your email client/server, you will need to have access to your junk/spam folder in order to retrieve our account verification email.  

All photos from events are stored in sections called 'Galleries'.
You can select a gallery by selecting the menu option 'Galleries' in the main header of the web site to show all the galleries. Once at the Gallery home page, you may scroll the page down to see the available galleries. Simply click on the name, or image under the name to enter the gallery.  If the event was spread over several days, then further sub-galleries may be displayed.  Select a sub-gallery by clicking on its name or image, just like before.
Once a gallery has been selected, the photos in the gallery are displayed as small images called thumbnails.
Hovering over each thumbnail are two icons, add to cart and select as favourite.  Once the thumbnail has been clicked on, there are options to select as favourite or compare.  Once you have individually selected photos for comparison, you will be able to compare them all side by side for easier choosing.  
You can see all your favourites by clicking on the favourites menu option at the top of the screen.
Clicking the thumbnail image or the purchase icon will display a preview of the photo and allow you to order a print or download a digital image file.

Digital Image files are downloadable files that maybe used for websites (e.g. Facebook & Instagram), printed using your own printers, using in your own advertisements.
Since the Digital Images files are available as soon as payment has been verified there is no option for additional editing. If additional editing is required please make a note on that photo with your request.  Major editing will incur an extra charge.
You can now complete the order by clicking the 'Check Out' option at the top or bottom of the page, or go back and look at other photos by clicking the name of the Gallery at the top of the page.

When browsing the thumbnails and you find a photo you like you can mark the image as a favourite.  These images can then be quickly seen in your Favourites, even if you leave the website.
To be able to use this function, you will need to login to the website.  If you don't have an account on the website you will need to create one.
To create a new account go to the 'Account' header and select the 'Create an Account' option below.
Please ENSURE your EMAIL ADDRESS is correct as your order information, including download instructions, if applicable, are sent automatically to the entered address.
If you do not receive an automated email from us within a few minutes of creating an account please check your SPAM filter/folders.
If you have not received an email from us after several hours, please contact us.

To log in, click on the 'Account' button at the top of the screen and enter your email address and password in the boxes. You can select the 'Log In' button, or set up a new account for yourself.
Once you have logged into the website you can browse the galleries as normal.  Once you found a photo you like, you need to click the heart icon and the photo will be added to your favourites.
To remove the photo from your favourites, click the heart icon again.
To view your favourites, click the "My Favourites" menu option.

This web site allows to you to select multiple photos, then view them side by side.
To compare photos, you need to first flag the images you wish to compare. To do this, click on the the thumbnails and select the compare icon above the photo that you wish to compare.
When a photo has been flagged your selection is remembered even if you browse to another page or gallery.  This allows you to compare images from different galleries, pages or even your favourites.
To unflag a photo, simply click the flag again and it will be removed from the selection.
Once you have 2 or more photos selected a 'Compare Now' option appears next the flag.  Select the Compare Now and you will be shown the selected images at preview size, side by side.
Depending on the size of you computer screen you may need to scroll the web page sideways to see the images.
If you wish to order one of the photos, click the preview and you will be taken to the order page.  Then add the photos you would like into the cart.  

Once you have finished browsing and have placed all the required photos in your shopping, cart you need to complete the order.
To complete the order, click the menu option 'Check Out' at the top of the page.
If you are not logged in then you will be asked to log into the website.  Enter your registered email address and password and click Login button.
If you do not have an account, select the 'Create an Account' option and fill in the requested information. 
If you do not receive an automated email from us with a few minutes of creating an account please check your SPAM or JUNK folders.
If you have not received an email from us after several hours, please contact us.
Once logged in you will be shown your shopping cart with all the ordered items.  At the bottom will be total to be paid, excluding freight, if applicable.
Click the 'Check Out' button at the bottom to proceed.
Verify your shipping address (if applicable) and click the 'continue' button to confirm.
Verify the total price (including freight), address and items to be ordered, then click the 'Place this order' button.
Choose the method of payment.
If you wish to pay by cheque or Money Order you can send the cheque or money order to the address shown, include a note with indicating the Order Number (shown at the top of the page).
If you wish to pay by direct deposit of bank transfer, please deposit/transfer the money into the account shown.
If you wish to pay online via credit card, click the 'Click here to pay' button under Credit Card heading.  
Once payment has been cleared (if you paid via credit/ debit card this will happen in a few minutes) you will be sent an email to the registered email address containing receipt of payment.
For digital files, the email will contain details on how to retrieve your files.

NOTE : Please choose your photos carefully. Once digital images have been downloaded they are deemed to have been used because there is no control over their potential distribution and therefore not returnable or refundable.  If you have purchased a photo in error, please contact us prior to download and we will be happy to provide a refund.

Madeleine Matschke Photography's refund policy complies with Australian Consumer Law in relation to major faults/defects.


Cash*, credit card**, direct deposits and bank transfers***. 
*Cash payments will be processed manually asap after payment is received, when we are back in the office.  An email will be sent to you containing information on how to download any Digital Image files that are part of the order.  
**Credit card payments are processed securely via eWAY.  Upon successful online credit/ debit card transactions, an email is immediately sent to the registered email address with instructions on how to download any Digital Image files that are part of the order. 

 ***Direct deposits and bank transfers will result in a delay as the funds are transferred/deposited between banks. Once funds have been received, an email will be sent to you containing information about how to download any Digital Image files that are part of the order.  Photos will not be released until funds have been cleared through our account.  Supplying a receipt of transfer only indicates that a payment is pending, not that it has been processed and credited to the account.

EFT payments can be made to:  BSB  015140, Account  151373322, Madeleine Matschke Photography.  ANZ Bank EFT's will process immediately.  

We do not accept cheques due to exorbitant bank handling fees.  

Madeleine Matschke Photography is committed to respecting the privacy of your Personal Information. We appreciate that individuals are concerned about the security of their Personal Information and we are committed to protecting any Personal Information in our custody or control.

If you have any issues with using the website which aren't covered here, please contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to help you through it: 

[email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, we wish you happy browsing and shopping.

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